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At PathWell, we provide innovative, collaborative, and solution-focused approaches to therapy and counselling services in Toronto that are anchored in science to enhance your mental well-being. 

Take Your First Steps To Better Mental Health in Toronto


Schedule a zero-obligation 15-minute discovery call with a PathWell Mental Health Advisor. You’re guaranteed to speak to someone at our mental health clinic in Toronto within 24 hours.



We will listen and advise. Explore proven therapies, counselling services and rates available for bettering your mental health and gain valuable insight into how our services can help.



A PathWell Mental Health Advisor will match you with the best-fit therapists or counsellors in Toronto for your unique situation to begin your journey to better mental health.


Services at Our Mental Health Clinic in Toronto

At PathWell, we believe there is no health without mental health. We are here to guide and support you through your mental well-being journey at any point along the mental health spectrum with our dedicated therapy, counselling and coaching services in Toronto.

If you are going through any difficulties and need some help, or if you are doing well but would like your performance to go from “good to great”, please contact us and let us discuss how we can help.

Unique counselling services in Toronto from friendly therapists who care. At PathWell, we guarantee an introductory call to speak with a Mental Health Advisor within 24 hours Read More...

Life Coaching
An Executive coach is an objective, trusted advisor who helps an individual create winning mindsets and point out any blind spots that might get in the way of success. Read More...

ADHD Assessment & Coaching
Our ADHD Testing service and ADHD coaches provide assessments, diagnostics and behavioural coaching to help you develop strategies to manage your ADHD symptoms more effectively.Read More...

Sleep Treatment
Sleep difficulties can significantly interfere with your day, functioning, and overall well-being. Thankfully, there is an effective treatment that can help at our mental health clinic in Toronto.Read More...

Psychiatric Services
Psychiatric assessment and medication consultations are available for clients who want to consider adding medication to their treatment plan.

Registered Dietician Services
Nutritional counselling is available to help clients round out their mental wellness plan, or for those seeking to focus on a specific concern such as inflammation, weight loss, or lowering blood sugar.

Personal Training
In-home, in-gym or virtual personal training is available for clients looking to enhance their mental well-being through the power of movement, or those looking to help with a specific physical health goal such as increasing muscle mass, improving mobility or strength training. 

Workshops & Webinars
We provide your organization with education and training on a variety of different topics on workplace wellness and mental well-being. Read More...

Executive Coaching
An Executive coach is an objective, trusted advisor who helps an individual create winning mindsets and point out any blind spots that might get in the way of success. Read More...

HR Supports
Most organizations have relied on the positive characteristics that HR professionals naturally embody to help lead their pandemic response.

Corporate Wellness Consultation
Our CWC offering helps start-ups and organizations design and implement organization-wide mental wellness strategies.

Executive Team Leadership Development
Our program is unique in that it works with individual leaders and the leadership teams in tandem to achieve organizational success.

pathwell CEO

About Our CEO And Founder

Dr. Gina Di Giulio, Ph.D, C.Psych., LL.M.

Dr. Di Giulio is a Clinical Psychologist who has expertise in mental health and corporate wellness.

She deeply understands the frustrations that can often go along with navigating mental health systems to access quality care. She is a firm believer that there is no health without mental health, and that access to mental health services shouldn’t be as cumbersome and confusing as it often can be.

As such, she created PathWell, a bespoke, high-touch mental health clinic in Toronto that provides individuals, families, couples and businesses with access to the full range of mental health services they need. No guessing, and minimal wait times.

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