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Your mental health can’t wait till tomorrow, that’s why we are here for you today.

A unique therapy experience with friendly Downtown Toronto therapists who care. Our team is committed to providing personalized care that respects your needs and supports you on your journey with individual, couples or familyp therapy. At PathWell, we guarantee an introductory call to speak with a mental health advisor about therapy options within 24 hours.

Psychotherapy Services

Our in-person psychotherapy services are delivered in the comfort of our beautiful, very private, and discreet offices in DowntownToronto,in the core of the financial district. We also provide virtual sessions, using a secure, encrypted, and fully PHIPA-compliant video conferencing platform. Online booking is available through our secure booking system. Can we include a link to the booking page?

Our Approach

At PathWell, we help clients with a variety of concerns across the mental well-being spectrum with our psychotherapy services. We see a full range of clients, including those who are generally doing well and want to maximize their professional and or personal functioning; those who may be experiencing stress or going through a major life change; or those who are struggling with a mental health concern such as depression or anxiety. We leverage empirically validated, modern psychotherapy techniques to help clients achieve self-awareness, wellness, peak performance, and enhanced life satisfaction.

Take Your First Steps To Better Mental Well-being


Schedule a zero-obligation 15-minute discovery call with a PathWell Mental Health Advisor. We guarantee that you will speak to someone within 24 hours.



We will listen and advise. Explore proven therapies and rates available for bettering your mental health and gain valuable insight into how our services can help.



A PathWell Mental Health Advisor will match you with the best-fit therapist for your unique situation and your journey begins to better mental well-being.


You Are Not Alone. PathWell Is Here To Help.



Feeling sad, down, withdrawn and alone? It doesn’t have to be this hard. Our team leverages modern techniques including cognitive behavioural therapy services to help you feel better and learn how to enjoy life again through in-person or online sessions.



Feeling stressed, worried, jittery or “on edge”? Is anxiety getting in the way of doing things you love and enjoying life to the fullest?  Let our registered therapists  teach you effective anxiety management strategies that are backed by research that help overcome anxiety and allow you to feel more in control of YOU.


Panic Attacks

At PathWell, our therapists in Downtown Toronto use evidence-based psychotherapy techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy and relaxation exercises to help you regain control and prevent future episodes. Let our guidance help you reclaim your calm and confidence.


Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Has something very traumatic happen to you in the past that is affecting your present? Do you have flashbacks or nightmares, and are fearful of something similar happening to you again? PathWell’s individual counselling can help you gain control of traumas and leave them in the past allowing you to move forward with confidence and resilience.



Worried about “bad” things happening? Scared about what the future holds? Having difficulties controlling your worries, despite trying everything? We can teach you effective tools to help rid yourself of worry and live more easily in the present so that you can enjoy life, sleep better and the ability to create positive change.



Are you having repetitive thoughts or images that you find distressing, unacceptable and disturbing? Are you spending too much of your precious time trying to rid yourself of these thoughts or doing something to “undo” them? We will teach you proven strategies to manage these thoughts differently so you can more easily free up your headspace with happy and more productive thoughts.


Anger Management

Angry often? Do you go from 0-100, very quickly? Do you often feel guilty after an angry outburst? That’s not easy. Let us teach you how to more effectively manage your triggers and take control of your feelings through self-discovery so that they don’t have to control you.


Smoking Cessation

Thinking of cutting back? Want to stop smoking altogether? We can help you break the habit for good. PathWell’s therapist services in Toronto can help you overcome the physical and emotional responses of nicotine withdrawal so that you can finally succeed in quitting!


Workplace Stress And Conflict

Are you experiencing stress and frustration at work? Feeling disrupted, less motivated, less productive or on the brink of burn-out? Let our workplace-focusedpsychotherapy in Toronto help you manage your work stress and get you back on track to enjoying work – and your life, again.  


Stress Management

Stressed at home, at work, in your relationship, or with yourself? Are you struggling to meet the multiple demands in your life? Our in-person or online psychotherapy services can help you better manage your stressors and build resilience against future ones.  



Do you deal with low self-esteem? Do you feel that others are better/happier/smarter than you? Self-esteem is not a personality characteristic, it’s a mindset. Let us show you how to create a mindset that will boost your self-confidence and allow for personal growth to see yourself through a more positive lens. 

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Substance Abuse

Drinking too much? Relying on substances to cope with life’s stressors? Ourur therapists in Downtown Toronto can help you reduce your reliance on drugs and alcohol and find healthier ways of coping with psychotherapy services in a safe environment. 


Relationship Therapy

Are you looking for couples counselling for a struggling relationship? Our relationship and commitment therapy helps you explore new perspectives and proven strategies to get your love life back on track. 


Family Therapy

Are you having family problems? Are family members not getting along? Our therapists offer strategies to create healthier family bonds and resolve issues that are affecting your collective and personal development. 

Our ADHD psychological assessments and Coaches provide behavioural coaching to help you develop strategies to manage your ADHD symptoms more effectively. Turn to our ADHD-focused  services in Toronto for the support you’ve been missing.

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Sleeping Difficulties

Sleep difficulties can significantly interfere with your day, functioning, and overall well-being. Thankfully, there is an effective psychotherapy treatment that can help. Learn more about our sleep therapy services in Toronto.

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Your Friendly Team At Pathwell



Aaron Arkin

M.A., Registered Psychotherapist and Sleep Specialist

renna headshot

Dr. Reena Chopra

Ph.D., C. Psych., Clinical Psychologist


Dr. Antonella Magnatta

Clinical Psychologist


Christine Dodds

M.A., Registered Psychotherapist


Michelle Witte

M.A., Registered Psychotherapist and ADHD Coach


Nikita Singh

M.A., Registered Psychotherapist

Pam Francis Headshot

Pam Francis

M.A., Therapist, Addictions Specialist & Workplace Wellness Facilitator


Anna Siciliano

M.S.W., Registered Clinical Social Worker


Dr. Alison Bury

Ph.D., C. Psych., Clinical Psychologist

Maliha headshot

Maliha Ibrahim

Ph.D., Registered Psychotherapist


Stefanie Mathes

M.A., Psychological Associate (Sup. Practice)


Jennifer Dillane

MPhil, MSc., Registered Psychotherapist



Dr. Joan Tucker

M.D., FRCPC, Psychiatrist

Executive Coaches


Dr. Jennifer Card

Psy.D., Executive Coach and Organizational and Leadership Specialist


Gabriella Nitu

M.Com., Executive Coach

Personal Training

Evan headshot

Evan Wallman

B.Sc., Personal Trainer



Sara Jafari

R.D., Registered Dietician

Office Administration

Jordana Headshot

Jordana Caputo

B.A. (Hons.) Clinic and Client Coordinator

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