ADHD Assessment & Coaching

Have you ever wondered if you have ADHD?

Do you often feel restless and struggle with impulsiveness?

Are you easily distracted, have difficulty completing tasks and can’t focus well?

Do you have an ADHD diagnosis and are having difficulty managing your symptoms?

We can help! Our adult ADHD assessments can help answer the question “Do I have ADHD, and if so, what can I do about it?”

ADHD Coaching

Our ADHD coaches provide behavioural coaching to help you develop strategies to manage your ADHD symptoms more effectively. ADHD Coaching is a non-pharmacological intervention based on interventions to help target the core impairments of ADHD, such as planning, starting and completing tasks, time management and goal setting.

Our coaches collaboratively work with clients to and offer practical solutions to address their specific needs, goals and challenges. Research suggests that people diagnosed with ADHD who receive coaching can take more responsibility for their actions, think and behave more positively, and develop better life functioning skills. They also report increased self-esteem and greater life satisfaction.


What Is An
ADHD Assessment?

ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) is a formal diagnosis. It can’t be diagnosed with a physical test, like a blood test or brain scan. To be diagnosed with ADHD, a person (adult, adolescent, or child) undergoes a comprehensive assessment that includes: psychosocial and diagnostic interviews, psychological testing, behaviour rating scales, and other self-report measures that help the assessor during the evaluation.

These assessments also include reviewing additional materials that may be available, such as report cards, medical records, and information from collateral contacts (e.g., parents, spouses, teachers, etc.). Assessments for ADHD are typically conducted by psychologists who have specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions.

We have several qualified clinical psychologists with expertise in ADHD assessment and diagnosis. We have made our ADHD assessment convenient for you by offering it completely virtually. A clinical psychologist will meet with you and conduct a virtual assessment. He or she will conduct a structured or semi-structured clinical interview in order to get a detailed history of the problem(s) at hand.

Additional measures will be administered as well and additional testing may be ordered depending on the issues being addressed. The psychologist will also conduct a detailed review to see if any other conditions similar to ADHD may be present that may better explain the problems at hand or co-exist with ADHD.

The psychologist will meet with you after your assessment to review the findings and any recommendations made and provide you with a written summary of the results.

This assessment takes approximately 5-6 hours and you can complete it, receive the results and treatment plan all from the comfort of your own home.

ADHD Assessments may be covered as a reimbursable psychological service benefit under your extended health benefits plan. Please check with your insurance provider to confirm.

Why Participate In An ADHD Assessment?

It can be scary or unsettling to think about being given a mental health diagnosis like ADHD. You may feel like avoiding it, especially if you’re concerned about being labeled and/or are reticent to take medication. But there are a lot of advantages to getting diagnosed! It can be the key to getting the help that you need. Once you’ve been assessed and diagnosed, you can start to explore treatment options to help make life more manageable at work, at school, and in your day-to-day experience.

In addition to treatment, the assessment may also include recommendations for accommodations to help you at work and/or school. Receiving a diagnosis of ADHD can also help to reduce the emotional consequences associated with ADHD symptoms, such as frustration, guilt, sadness and shame about underachieving. Many people feel relieved to finally find out that there is a reason for why they have been struggling, and to understand that it is not their fault. A diagnosis of ADHD can help forge a hopeful and positive step forward to living a fuller and more manageable life.

How Do You Prepare for An ADHD Assessment?

You will be sent out an intake questionnaire and several rating scales to complete before your appointment. This provides the psychologist who will be conducting the assessment with valuable information about the history of your concerns and how your symptoms are currently impacting your life. It will also aid in terms of making a potential diagnosis of ADHD. Before your initial appointment, write out any questions that you have that you’d like to discuss with the psychologist.

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