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Mental wellness solutions for employers

Employers consistently report uncertainty when managing the mental health needs of their employees. Accessing quality care, quickly, can be a challenge at the best of times, and navigating the mental health system can be daunting and downright frustrating. PathWell is here to help.

Workplace wellness has plummeted, and anxiety rates have near tripled what they were even just a few months ago. Depression rates have doubled. Many of your team members will be struggling with the uncertainty of these current times and of the future. This alone, has a significant impact individual & team performance.

Organizations that don’t move quickly to address the mental well-being of their teams will not be able to thrive in these challenging times, which is likely to cause long-term effects that are even more far-reaching.

PathWell x Performance by Design

PathWell x PBD has create a winning system based on scientific best practices to elevate your team’s performance and create a winning culture that can help triumph over any challenges your organization may be facing.

PathWell’s expert team of clinicians have joined Performance by Design’s coaches to help your organization achieve peak performance and provide everything you need to take care of the mental well-being of your most valuable resource — your employees.

PathWell will provide your organization with the tools and training it requires to enhance the mental well-being of your teams, and create the conditions required for them to function at peak capacity.

We begin by conducting a needs and values assessment of your organization and then develop a 360 degree comprehensive strategic plan that addresses the unique needs of your organization. Be it targeted wellness training, resilience capacity building, or psychological intervention to name a few – we have got you covered. Coupled with Performance by Design’s expert executive leadership and coaching training, we will help your team achieve measurable peak performance outcomes that lead to increased productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

What Is
Performance By Design (Pbd)?

Performance by Design (PBD) uses proven behavioral science and over fifty years combined experience in professional sports to provide business leaders with a clear strategy for creating inclusive, healthy and high-performing cultures.

Their integrated system of training works to align teams, enabling them to consistently engage in Real Talk to build strong professional relationships for a sustained impact on performance.

PBD helps organizations address the top 3 current threats to performance in today’s environment:

Causes Missed Opportunities To Expose Gaps In The Market And Grow Effectively

Leads To Insufficient Time Provided For Team Members To Build Trust & Share Best Practices

Creates a downward spiral of inefficiency of teams struggling to collaborate effectively and become slow to innovate & problem solve


PathWell x PBD’s goal is for your organization to establish a motivated, resilient, and cohesive team that works together to achieve its goals, fulfill its purpose, and thrive together.

Now more than ever, proactive workplace well-being and performance training should be prioritized. Let us help you to do so.

We look forward to helping your organization succeed!

PathWell x Performance by Design
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