Pathwell Knowledge

Empower your organization through education

Knowledge is power. We provide your organization with the education and training that it needs on a variety of different topics on mental well-being such as workplace wellness, stress management, building resilience, and mindfulness.

Knowledge Is Power.

Our learning and education services are here to help you and your employees build better and more productive mindsets. We offer these courses on-site, in-person, or online.

What Is
Pathwell Knowledge?

We deliver research-based programs on preventative mental health and mental health first aid.

We also provide on-site and remote training on a variety of leadership development topics such as building emotional intelligence, effective communication strategies, and cultivating authentic leadership.

Our suite of learning and educational services is offered on-site, in-person, or online via virtual learning.


Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals.
Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Interested in our education suite of mental health courses? Take a minute to contact us and talk about how PathWell can help bridge you closer to your goals.

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Pathwell Counselling

Unique Counselling and Coaching Services for Individuals, Couples, and Families

Pathwell Navigator

High-Touch, Comprehensive Mental Wellness Consulting for Organizations

Pathwell Knowledge

On-Site and Virtual Educational Courses for Learning, Training, and Leadership Development
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